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Saturday, May 26, 2007

final's are hereeeee

tomorrow is the first day in final's exams and ohh help me god,,, i've been studying as hard as i can i wanna pass this term i don't wanna come back here for any summer cours and all that crap,,, so from tomorrow i won't be blogging till i get back home sweet home Kuwait, and that would be in 12 days the time passes really slowly and my friends say that time will pass really fast before you know it in exams i hope it's true, any way pray for me so i can pass this semester ooo i hope you all pass oo teftakoon,,,,

i can't say anything ba3ad oo bs hatha kel shy oo i'm really afraid :x alllaaah y3eeennyyyy

ed3oolyy oo ed3oo 7ag all the students ^___^

bye ;P

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

devilish love

it's over
you belong to me
I fill your mouth with dirt...
it's over
you can never leave
I take your second digit with me...
You are...
my first
I can barely breath
I find you fascinating
You are...
my favorite
lay you down to sleep
It's all that I can do to stop...
So blue...
so broken
paper doll decays
I haven't left you yet
So cold...
your eyes are full of bleach
I will go away again...

ps: this is a slipknot song and there is no personal offence or so ever, its just a song


Thursday, May 10, 2007


since i've finished my mid-term exams and there's nothing to do just to wait for the finals (in about 2 more weeks) i'm feeling so lazy and i can't even start study for the finals all i'm thinking about is when will i get back home, i'm getting really sick and tired of everything around here and i miss my family i even started to count the days and minuts and seconds but i feel as the time doesn't move at all, the minute became hours,,, i wanna go home,,,

each time i wake up and sit thinking out something to do so i can waste my time on but i can't do anything, when i open my book to study i can't see the words all i see some writing that i can't read and strange letters, i'm in a mood to study and i'm starting to worry about the finals, i don't wanna get an F in any thing cause i don't wanna come back here in summer,,,,

i can't eat i'm so fed up with the fast food every day i eat Hardee's and Mac,,, and the pizza around here really sucks as if you were eating a burned piece of bread and even Hardee's and Ma suck here ohh i miss mom's cooking,,,,

i wanna go home,,,

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Monday, May 07, 2007

ignorance is bliss

you might think that i'm crazy, but in my point of view it is bliss, cause if you don't understand anything you won't worry about anything,,,

if you don't understand about politics you won't worry about countries wars or all that...

if you don't know about love you would never get jealouse or think about the one you love or worry about the person you love all the time...

i wish i could live like that, in a world where no one knows about anything, in a world of stupidity and ignorance, a place where no one uses his mind nor his heart, a place where we live to eat and nothing else,,,

but i guess that place doesn't exist and never will be,,, and i've lost my mind loving you and caring about you,,,

ignorance may be bliss but not for me i guess, love could be a very beautiful thing,,,

i feel like flying when i talk to her,,,

i feel like heaven when i'm with her,,,

i feel like there's no one in the world but her,,,

a word from her can take the pain away,,,

her laugh rhymes like music,,,

when she's missed i don't care about anything in the world but how to reach her, how to talk to her, and nothing but that,,,

soooo i guess love is bliss to me,,,

ohh how i love you (f)

ps: shut up!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

does looks really matter?

ever asked your self does looks really matters? in life we meet alot of ugly people that we like and we see alot of crappy things that we like, we even may see the opposite thing pretty things we hate,,,

why do we like the moon when it's full? the moon looks like any round thing like a ball but we like it and we can't resist looking at it cause it's round? no, cuase it's glowing? NO, cause it's a moon,, it's just beautiful

alot of people may find metal songs suck, they are soo loud and they scream alot and they look like satanic people and gothic stuff and mardy myanen, but i just like them,,,

but nowadays alot of people go after looks and after knowing the person well they discover that this person is nothing but a walking animal lol,,,

soo all i'm saying looks doesn't matter dear and and you gotta see beyond looks and deeper,, oo allah y3enkom

ps: i don't know what i'm talking about,,,