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Monday, April 30, 2007

lazy teacher

so i was soo worry about this exam and been studying so hard and didn't sleep for a day oo thab7 3umry and went to the class so early cause i get very nervous when i have an exam and started to right on the desk so i can cheat :P oo shaad 7eely, and when the dr got into the class i was about to die so he sat down and start talking crap and about the exams oo madry shno then he said that he's sick & tired and can't give us the exam and it's gonna be after 2 weeks and i was like wtf?! i don't care if he's sick all he got to do is give us the papers and we'll do the rest that stupid fat guy!!

low kell men malah 5ulg ydares ma daras oo y2ajel el emt7anat chan ma7ad emta7an...!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

my soulmate

i've heard this word alot in movies, magazines & books and every where but i really didn't believe in it but hey who believe movies? :x most of them are 5rabee6 :P but not for know,,, i've met this person a while ago and wow i was shocked,,,

i don't know how to describe it,,, this person likes everything i like and hates every thing i hate and like we have so much in common and it's like everything is perfect,,, i'm so happy that i've found this person but i'm kinda afraid to lose this person cause when i get excited i talk alot oo a5orha bel 7achy :P i don't wanna scare this person away it's not like you find such person every day, this one i'm keepin :P any idea's? have you met your's yet?

ps: i know i've repeated the word person alot :P

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

do you believe in UFO's?

as i was walking home from my friend's house i passed a very dark place i looked at the sky and i saw a shooting star so i was thinking,, what if this wasn't a shooting star? what if this is a UFO? i don't know if this idea got into my head cause i've been watching x-files alot lately or i don't know :\ i really do believe that there's another world somewhere in the universe,,, cause there are alot of galaxy's and stars out there in the universe and there has to be aliens or whatever otherwise how did people say UFO's? and the funny part is they only see UFO's in the us lol maybe cause those aliens can speak english? and people been kidnaped by aliens only from the us? thats kinda strange any whooooo i've got this site called "The National UFO Reporting Center" it shows reports of people saying that they've seen UFO's and another site contains pictures and evidence that UFO's exist "UFO evidence" eeeeeeeeeeh i wanna see one :(

The Truth is Out There

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Monday, April 16, 2007

7lema in 7ijab

well the moment i saw this picture i was kinda shock i didn't know that she wore 7ijab before and i think she wore it when she went to 7ajj,,, but not thats what's shocks me,,, why would any one wear the 7ijab for a period of time then just forget about it and like nothing happened, i've seen people wear 7ijab just in ramadan and when the 3eed comes "bye bye 7ijab" i don't know how people think! people may lie to people but lying to allah? would anyone lie to god? thats just ridiculous,,, like that ugly girl from guitara band she took off her 7ijab cause she can't preform well on stage "ya mammyyyy 3leeeech" smellah 3leech oo 3la wayhech ya eljekara :\ and some girls took it off cause it's not "stylish" and it's not "cool"... look at what 7lima wear's now and she's a 7ajeya and what she do :\ isn't she cute :P
( وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئا وهو خير لكم وعسى أن تحبوا شيئا وهو شر لكم ، والله يعلم وأنتم لا تعلمون )
سورة البقرة 216
i'm not being religious oo "dayen" oo "shad 7eely" but there's a limit for everything and i don't think people have the right to play with such things,,,,
what's next discount's on reka3's in praying? at`3fer allah walla m95rah
وخلصت وملصت ويت ديايه وعنفصت

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

ok ok ok!

i don't know if anyone posted about this video before or anyone saw it before :x but its hilarious a friend of mine showed it to me, i don't know how did they find this video or where did they get it from! and i don't know why it was cool in the past :x la kalemat wla rg9 wla 6l lol

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

empty head

some times you sit with someone you know and you feel like talking but you can't... cause there isn't any thing to talk about, and sometimes you feel like doing something but nothing to do,,,

yesterday my friends were at my place and talking about going out and stuff and asked me to go out with them buti wasn't in a mood to go out, so they started telling me that it's not good for me to stay at home alone for a long time cause i don't go out much i'm a guy who likes to stay home i don't know why and home is boring as hell 9a5a oo mako shy,,,

and they starter telling me that i'll start hallucinating and strange ideas will get into my head and i'll start going crazy,,, when they left i started thinking about what they said and i've really becomed cold and i just stopped caring about every thing i don't know if that's my personality and did i gain it from sitting alone for a long time,,,

ohhh i can't say anything m5y mgafel :\ i don't feel like talking for now,,,,

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

worst day eveeeeer

well i've seen bad days but not as bad as this day ohhhhh (7dy depressed)

i could'nt sleep yesterday i had too much nightmares oo nomy mga6a3 oo 7alty 7allah, and i went to the college daye5 oo mgafel so i slept shwya oo in the second lecture there was a surprising exam and i didn't know what it was about oo 5araft oo 6ela3t so i went home to bed i was soo tired oo `6ayeg 5ulgy so when i woke up elma`3arb it was raining and it's like never rain around here it's very very raree to rain, so my cloths wich was out to dry got wet :\ while i was taking the cloths in the electricity was off in the whole block so i had to use my phone's light, and now i'm in the dark thank god i got a lap top

nothing much to do, i'm going back to die


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

smoking is killing me

smoking is killing me and the problem is i can't do anything to stop breathing smoke : i don't smoke and i've never smoked and never will, but my cousins who live with me do and my friends do and people in collage do and about %90 of egyptions do : and if it wasnt cigarette smoke then it's car smoke, i'm having an ache in my chest and i've been coughing alot today i can't take it any more and i can't do anything to stop breathing smoke...

A recent study shows that up to 70 percent of a sampling of healthy non-smokers who were exposed to a prolonged dose of cigarette smoke suffered from eye irritation. A considerable number of the sample also suffered nasal symptoms, headache, cough, sore throat, and other ill effects. Exposure to tobacco smoke, and especially carbon monoxide, is especially likely to be harmful to people already suffering from chronic lung disease and heart disease.

so i guess if i don't smoke i'll have more diseases than if i smoke?!

If you are a non-smoker, you probably have complained many times when cigarette smoke made your eyes water. There are hundreds of chemicals in cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide is one such chemical. The carbon monoxide from a cigarette is identical to the carbon monoxide contained in automobile exhaust. Such evil-sounding and potentially dangerous chemicals as acetaldehyde, isoprene, benzopyrene and certain nitrates are also found in cigarette smoke. These chemicals, plus carbon monoxide and the tar and nicotine, combine to make an uncomfortable as well as an unhealthy environment, especially in a closed room. Tests have shown that these harmful agents can be found in the blood of non-smokers as well as smokers who have been exposed to cigarette smoke in a closed area for even a brief period of time.

do i have to use an oxygen mask to breath normaly?


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Monday, April 09, 2007

Ever wondered who your friend's secretly loves?

if you're curious about who your friend love or hae a crush on i've got the perfect way to know

when you visit the site click on "Participate" and enter your e-mail and name and it'll creat a link for you, all you have to do is send the link to all of your friends or anyone you want to know who their love is

when the victim visit the site he'll see that this is a "Love Calculator Site" and it'll calculate the love between the victim and any 3 names he enter, when the victim presses the "Calculate" bottom KABOOOM!!! the names will directly be sent to your e-mail hehehehhehee >:D

hope you enjoy it

ps: tell me the results :P

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Sunday, April 08, 2007


i just came from the movie "Mr BEANs HOLIDAY" and i liked it i don't know why its not a very good movie but i liked it, i love mr. bean he reminds me of the old days when i was a little kid i used to watch him all the time, when my parents used to punish me they take the tape away from me lol ohh i was crazy about him,,,


Saturday, April 07, 2007

can't take the right picture

i love taking pictures of stuff and whenever i take picture of someone likes it, but i just can't take a good picture of me even when someone takes the picture of me i just hate it and "ma ya3jebny el 3ajab" :( i've even tried going to a pro photographer but i just hate the pictures :
people always tell me they are good pictures and nothing's wrong with them but i just can't "abla3hom" i don't know if it's me or the pictures really suck or people just saying it's a good picture just to make me feel good,, people say i just to believe in my self but i don't know maybr oo maybe not i think i believe enogh,,,,,,, i want a gooooood pictuureeeeee
ohh yeah and i hate smiling in my pictures and don't know why i look stoned in most of my pictures lol, anywhooooi gotta keep on trying i gotta find the perfect picture i gotta find the real me
ps: i'm not ugly :


Thursday, April 05, 2007

bugs attack

since the wather is getting warmer the cute small bugs start to come out and discover the world again and when they come back they search for food and that causes problem to me,,,

my problem is mosquitos "الباعوض" and egypt is well known with it's mosquitos :(((( when it gets hungry it stings :( and till now i've been stung more than 20 time all over my body and i just can't kill them all they are soo manyyyyy, and i've tried more than one product nothing can kill this thing!!

while i'm writing this post one of these cute bugs stung my neck, although my cousins are with me but nothing happend to them it's just me all me :( why?! what have i done in my life?! :(

any one knows hwo to keep these things away from me? :(((((

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

e-mail technical problem

hola guys
i've been reported that alot of people are trying to add me on msn messenger,,, thats not a problem i don't mind adding people cause i talk alot and i like talking wehehhehhe,,,
the problem is i have a unique and rare kind of e-mail which is easy to spam to, yeah my problem is spam cause each day i get more than 200 junk mail oo 5rabee6 and i get more than 30 msn adding from people that i don't know what language they talk :
sooooooo this is how things are gonna work,,, if you want me to add you or you want your mail to reach me all you have to do is send me an e-mail with the subject [outlaw] *with the bracket* and i'll get your e-mail and add you ^____^
my e-mail is outlaw[at]hotmail[dot]com

tata folks :D
Monday, April 02, 2007

eve on the nile

today we went to a cafe near the nile after we got bored we took a walk the weather was great and the guys wanted to eat something in egypt called "bellela" or "7alabesa" and what we call in kuwait "n5y" and in english "hims" :P i've never tried it before and they insisted that i should try it

25% is the hims and the 75% was the hims water with "kamon" & "korkom" & lemon, the hims were too hard as if you were eating a small rock i didn't like it at all but my friends did, you guys should try it yourself with your own recipe or the same recipe

the good thing that the hims in kuwait are better than here and more delicious :P

PS: after eating this "thing" my stomach started to make some noise and i had alot of gas, so here's a little advice... when you eat it go sit alone cause the people next to you will die (if you know what i mean :x )

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Sunday, April 01, 2007


i've been away cause i had some problems with my isp and i'm too lazy to call the helpdesk to fix wehehehehehe,,, anyway i've been waiting for the movie "300" and finally it has arrived to egypt and till now i've seen it couple of times and i liked it although some of my friends didn't liked it but i don't care i DO :D cause it has those filthy scary creatures and i like to see this kind of stuff :D i recommend YOU to see it and if you don't like this sort of movies "allah y3enkom" :P we've invited out friend tonigh and we'll sleep together in the living room hahahahay and we're watching the play "6a7 m5roosh"
cyo later

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