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Sunday, September 30, 2007


"Q8igg, pronounced (Kuwaitigg) following the Digg and Pligg naming trends, is a web application designed for Kuwait that allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a news article (Q8iggs that article), it will be placed in the "Upcoming News" area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page. Q8igg is another implementation of the famous Pligg open source CMS. Original source for Pligg was authored by Ricardo Galli. He was influenced by the extremely popular English technology site digg.com. The idea of the site is to have a place in Kuwait where people share the hot topics, news, articles, sites, blog posts and vote for them. Result is visitors will get the hottest news in their favorite category"
alriiight so now we got our kuwaity version of Digg which i don't know how to use, any idea's? help? any one?! give it a visit @ http://www.q8igg.com/

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Pic: My Nail

and that's what boredom do,,, makes you take stupid photos :P


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Tree Maker

for the passed couple of months i was searching for a software or anything to make my family tree since i like documenting old stuff and well these kind of things are priceless to me :x it's nice to see how your family has grown up and how many your family members are and all that,,, so after searching the web i finally found a good and easy program to use, it looks simple and it doesn't need any help using it and the best thing is that it does what it was made for not like all the other once I've tried, the software's name is GenoPro 2007 very easy to use and does the job, here's a screen shot:

click here to download the cracked version and if you like it buy the original one ;P

official website: http://www.genopro.com/

I'll try searching for another one but till then,,, I'll stick with this one

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Egyptions copy an american movie

فلم الحب كده - Elhob Kedda (2007)


Are We There Yet? (2005)


1 player, 2 bad kids, 1 fancy car, 1 hot mom,,, and both of the movies talk about a guy who has to drive 2 kids to the airport so the player can win their mom's heart,,,

talk about inspiration!

read about the movie Elhob Kedda *in arabic* click here
and click here for more info about Are we there yet

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury car / executive car, comes with 4 type of Engines:

3.0L 240 hp AJ30 V6
4.2L 300 hp AJ34 V8
4.2L S/C 420 hp AJ34S V8
2.7L V6 Diesel AJD "Lion" V6

The Interior

noticed any thing strange? they've changed the shape of the gear shift handle in the car and the new one looks pretty cool, too bad i still don't know the price of this car yet.

official car website: www.jaguarxf.com

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

حليمة بولند في محكمة الامير الوليد بن طلال!

"حجزت المحكمة الكلية امس الدعوى المقدمة من الوليد بن طلال، صاحب مؤسسة روتانا للمرئيات، ضد المذيعة حليمة بولند بخصوص تخليها عن العقد المبرم بين الطرفين الى جلسة 30 الجاري للحكم, وكان الوليد بن طلال قد تقدم بدعوى عن طريق دفاعه المحامي خالد الحمدان امام القضاء الكويتي وطالب بوقف تنفيذ ما تقدمه المذيعة حليمة على قناة الراي "فوازير حليمة"، مؤكدا انها ملتزمة بعقد احتكار مع روتانا ولا يحق لها ان تتخلى عن بنود العقد.
هذا وقد ضمنت المذيعة حليمة استمرار ما تقدمه على تلفزيون الراي لمدة سبع عشرة حلقة على الاقل، بعد ان قررت المحكمة ان تنطق بحكمها في التاريخ المعلن اليه.
يذكر ان روتانا اقامت دعواها بالشق المستعجل، الا ان المحكمة نظرت الدعوى بعد جلستين من تقديم دفاع الخصوم لمذكراتهم"
كسرت خاطري المسكينه على هالخبر, لو قاعده بروتانا بدال هالمصخره والفوازير المليقه والتمثيل الغبي مو احسن؟ ييييييييييييو يا انه بعض الناس بيحرقونج حرق ويدورون عليج الزله :P

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Monday, September 24, 2007

got a GPS? help me!

i want to buy me a GPS but i don't know whats the best thing and where i can get it and if it have Kuwait maps cause i found a lot of GPS's online for US use, help me walaka ajry

i don't care if i can get it online or from some shop as long as it works fine :(

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Constantine (2005)

"Constantine" tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), who has literally been to hell and back. When Constantine teams up with skeptical policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister (also played by Weisz), their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldly events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.
His "successful" suicide, which is considered a mortal sin in the eyes of God, has condemned him to be sent to hell upon his eventual death. To escape this fate, he has spent the rest of his life trying to win back God's favor by battling the forces of Hell, though his time on Earth will be brief; Constantine has smoked 30 cigarettes a day since he was 15, and is now dying of lung cancer. Because of the number of demons he has slain, Constantine knows that Lucifer harbors a specific, personal grudge against him.
Lucifer (Peter Stormare) defeats Gabriel (Tilda Swinton) who's angry at how humans can achieve salvation so easily, by simple repentance, wants Hell on Earth because, in her view, humans are truly noble and heroic when confronting adversity, Mammon the son of Satan want to betray his father and claim dominion over Earth,,,
what can i say more about this movie?! IT SUCKS! the story sucks i feel sorry for the hours i spent and waited till i download this crappy movie,,, and don't try to watch the movie believe me it sucks :x
My Rate: \ 5

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Me & The Gym

I've joined a gym 3 days ago and my hands and shoulders are hurting me so bad i can't even sleep cause of the pain hehehe :( i like working out and I'm not even fat I'm fit thanks god, it's just that my cousins joined a gym and i like the saying "ma3a el5eel ya shagra" :P it's the first time i ever join a gym, this summer I've did a lot of "first time in my life" things :D that makes me happy every time i think about it, and now I'm moving like a robot and i can't type anything more :(

talk to y'all later

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

نبيها ارخص

read all about it @ www.no4mw.com

you'll never know maybe they might do a little tiny winy thing :P just support the guys :P

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

United Networks VS. e-Go VS. Wnet

couple days ago Wataniya called mom telling her that she won one year free subscription to Wnet, two days before they call us i was about to go and get me in of those Wnet and thank god i didn't :P I've heard a lot about how fast this connection is but it wasn't what i was expecting at all, it's not even a high speed connection : the surfing is slow and download rates aren't what i expected and I've tried it in more than one place,,, let's stop the talking and start watching shall we? OK

this is a speed test from my United Networks 512 kb/s and it's very good and fast i can't deny it


i took this picture from Frankom from his e-Go i hope he doesn't get upset :P and as you see it's so fast that it scares the S#!& out of me :x


and this is Wnet,,, yeah i know,,, isn't it something? :x the maximum speed when i download is 30 kB\s and while using a download accelerator it gets about 45 kB\s, I've called the help desk and asked them about it they said to me "the speed is 512 kb/s" but from what i see it's not even 128 :x so i told them it's not that fast and sometimes when i surf the web it take a long of time to open, so they told me they'll check the problem and call,,, but no one called, so i e-mailed them about it, and no one replayed YET,,,

i hope there's something wrong and they can fix it :x

PS: each 1 kB = 8 kb,,, 'b' stands for 'bit' and 'B' stands for 'byte', where one byte refers to 8 bits , just so you know about it :P

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Monday, September 17, 2007

wanna be in kuwait's airport control tower?!

now you can see and hear what people in Kuwait's airport control tower are saying while you're at home, you can hear the talking between the airplane's captain and the control tower, and you can see the controls tower radar in real time and no lag, i don't know why it's online and what we can do with it lol but it's fun :D

to listen to the talking from the control tower live click here

to see Kuwait's radar and see air traffic live you'll have to download a software but before you download it i think you should read the terms of use click here

there's also a Live Lightning Strikes Radar that shows you where the lighting is hitting in anywhere in Kuwait click here

you can find a lot of other stuff in the website www.kuwaitstorm.com

have fun pretending everything is in your hand :P

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Friday, September 14, 2007

احمو الناس من الطاعووووون

هالجمله اتذكرها من مسلسل محظوظه ومبروكه كان اسم المسلسل "على الدنيا السلام" كانت تقول هالجمله وحده مينونه بالمصحه وماتذكرت هالجمله الا امس,,, رحت العصر بشتري خبز من فرع الجمعيه ولا يقولي الي يشتغل اهناك الخبز خلص بعد ماوصل الصبح بساعه فا انا قلت بقلبي اكيد الناس قامو يحبون الخبز شي جميل, فقلت ماكو الا الجمعيه ولا الاقي بره أمه محمد تدور مسافط وطق عصي على الجمعيه عسى ماشر شصاير؟! سفطت سيارتي مكان بعيد ونزلت اول مادخلت الجمعيه ولا انصعق من الدهشه (اهم شي الصعقه) عند كل كاشير اكثر من 5 عربانات ناطرين يحاسبون والدنيا زحمه ولحق ماتلحق على الاكل ماكو بطل فمتو بالجمعيه الا وراح ولا اكو خبز ولا ماي ولا شي الجمعيه صفرت خلاص مابقى الا جريده الوسيط ولا بعد ناقصه, سألت المصري الي عند الباب شصاير ليش هالحزمه؟ يقولي "ماانت عارف رمضان" انزين وشنو يعني رمضان؟ تذكرت دعايه فنون الي الكاشير يقول "عندنا مهرجان واسعار رخيصه" ككككككك وشنو يعني رمضان خير ياطير؟ الناس بتعتكف بالبيت الشهر كله يعني ويصلون وياكلون ولا شسالفه؟ والله ناس فسقانه مايدرون شيسوون بهل جم فلس الي عندهم :×
قولو وياي
الفئران آتيه احمو النااس من الطاعوووووون

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

صارت بين الوطن والجريده

بدت الحرب البارده بين جريدة الوطن وجريدة الجريدة بعد ان كتب احد كتّاب جريدة الجريدة مقاله بعنوان "تلفزيون الوطن يدشّن بثه بالإساءة إلى النواب والوزيرات" وهالمقاله اثارت غضب جريدة الوطن مما ادى الرد عليهم بعنوان "تكسر الخاطر يا محمد !!" والبقيه تأتي
كل واحد منهم قام يطلع خياس الثاني وفضايح الثاني وبدى شهر رمضان الكريم, والله ينهي هالسالفه على خير :P


Ramadan is coming

مبارك عليكم الشهر وعساكم من عواده
وهالله هالله برمضان :P
صكوها نوم من بعد اذان الفجر وقعدو قبل لا يأذن المغرب ب5 دقايق وبعدين تفطرو وقولو
"اللهم لك صمت وعلى رزقك افطرت"
مو تصدقون وتسوونها كككككككك

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ta7ya Al-Kuwait,,,

since today is the first day for school students and i stay awake till morning mom told me to take my Lil brothers to school and i was like "OK no problem" woke them up @ 6:30 and i ate all their breakfast before they even wake up lol, the weather today is nice and it was nice seeing all these students wearing the same uniform and remind me of my days when i used to be a bad school student hehehe,,, in the area I'm living in there are 6 schools (3 for girls, 2 for boys, 1 KG) near my house you gotta see all the cars out there is such a mess, anyways i was back home in my room and suddenly i heard a shouting voice "Ta7ya Al-Kuwait" so i opened the window it was voices of little girls in an Elementary school near my place i was really surprised by them little girls with patriotic hearts, so i waited for the boys school and it was a Middle boys school and all i could hear was the voice of the music and it's not cause of the music so loud but it cause no one is ever saying anything,,, and that's sad

maybe guys voices were meant to sing and shout in malls and boys nowadays care for their hair more than anything else,,,

magool ela MALAT!

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


it was my first and i think my last visit to this country although i liked some places but i don't know, the airport was such a mess it's very depressing place and looks like someone died there lol, people of Syria are well known by hospitality and I've been invited about 3 times by people we barley know and i guy we barley know gave us his villa on the mountain in Lattakia (اللاذقيه) and didn't accept from us any money and invited us to dinner that was very nice of the guy, I've visited every thing in Syria from the east to the west and from the north to the south I've been on mountains, on the sea and even on land :P taxis take advantage of us cause we're Kuwait's and take us to any where and double the price we discovered that after we spend a week and half lol but that happens everywhere not just in Syria, we had a huge problem with restaurants since not all of them are clean and i got food poison from them :x there was one restaurant and it was very good and clean the grills were unbelievable called "Al-Kamal" if you ever want to go to Syria you should try it we are 3 guys and we ate till we got full and can't walk for about 7 KD's, the weather at noon is kind of hot but not Kuwait's hot and at noon the weather is cool about 22° and when it's about 2 or 3 AM the weather gits colder about 15° and that's in Damascus imagine what would the temperature be on a mountain at night, I've noticed that there are a lot of Iraqis and Saudis and Iranian there, a guy told us that there are about 3 and half million iraqis in the country and I've enjoyed Iraqi bread lol and it's like every city in Syria is a territory for any country lol :P you can't find any malls there cause the weather is good not hot they don't need malls I've found just 3 malls and they are small can't compare to any mall here in Kuwait and they are called "Damascus mall", "City mall" and i don't remember the 3rd one, every thing was just fine till i went to the airport to come back to Kuwait people in the airport ask for money for everything that don't need money for :\ that was just sick i hated that thing so maybe I'm not ever going there cause of that thing and the way they treat people is very awful,,, and that's about every thing maybe :P I'll post some pictures i took

PS: i should never ever ever travel anywhere with the sick silly guys i traveled with :x

Omayyad Musique

i took this picture from "Qasion mountain"

that's the moon coming out from the back of a mountain in "Lattakiya"

that's all :P i don't want to post all the pictures :P

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i'm back

i just got back from Syria ohh god i can't believe I'm back, e6la3at elsafra men 3eeny :x I'll talk about it later I'm tired now,,, i really missed Kuwait and blogging, I'll talk about it tomorrow :D

I'm baaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a5eraaan

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