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Saturday, June 30, 2007

girl at gas station + the beach

yesterday my cousins decide that we go to the beach today and i was like ALRIIIGHHT :D any way i woke up early in the morning i prepared everything drinks oo el carpet 3shan nbase6 :P so the car mafeha gas i gotta go to the gas station when i got there the gas station was empty no one there exept me and when i parked the car a another car came into the station and it was a girl, so as i was filling the car with gas she was looking around and she was making alot of noise with her horn and no one answered so after awhile after i filled my car i looked at her and she was kinda metwahga so i knocked on the window and she looked happy and i was like:

me: hi...
her: hala (with a smile on her face)
me: why are you making all that noise? people are sleeping you know...
her: sorry but i was calling the guys who work here to put some gas in my car
(i looked around)
me: i don't think anyone is here...
her: yeah i don't know what to do
me: why didn't you fill your own car? (i know girls don't do that >:D )
her: i don't know how to do it (with red face)
me: oh ok i'll do it for you
her: (big smile) really? thanksssss

so why don't girls fill their own cars? girls nowadays do everyyyythiiiingggggg but can't do the gas thingy?! that strange :x

anyway after that i went to the beach had fun and my face is burned and my feet too cause of the hot sand :P and i'm injured in 3 places in my leg and feet and each injury contains more than 4 cuts but i don't care i had fun :D

someday i'm gonna kill my little brother 7adaa 7annaaaaaaaaaan :@

oo thats all for now gotta fix my self :P

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

i want to break free

so it's like this,,,,,

i wake up everyday at 8-9 am and the first thing i do is check my mobile and the surprise every day,,, nothing no miss call no massages it's ok i'm not waiting for any one :x

after i wash up i take my laptop and sit in the living room and watch tv but all i see is crap :x so i turn on the laptop and,,,, nothing new just crap,,, so i just sit and do nothing till 2 pm and thats when my family start to wake up, so about 6 hours of doing nothing :\ and i don't know what do to in all that time, no friends no family no one wakes up in the morning,,,

i gotta find me something useful to spent my time in,,, tired of books lol i'm gonna kill somebody >:D ;P

who wants to listen to my misery?! i guess no one ^_^

any way anyone know's a good restaurant or new one i should try? :P and if the place was quite it'll be great :P

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Qadisiya Vs. Salmiya

EgZaraT 3leeH,,,EgZaraT 3leeH ;P
this post didicated to Ali T.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

about the wierd star,,,

well as commenter said the wierd star was the planet Venus it was the lunar eclipsed of Venus, and as yesterday was really a mess my mood was really bad :x (as commenter said it was cause of venus :P)

you can watch the eclipse photos here, and thank god i didn't miss it :P i like this stuff :P

any way here's my replay for some comments in the last post ;P :

lol i guess wierd things happend yesterday :P

thank you for the explaination :D

or maybe it's just Venus ;P

i have absolutely no idea lol

Happy Wolf:
yeah i guess in 60 years we'll die ;P or maybe not :P i gotta live my life :

The Simper:
:D thank you 2

LOL if it's really gonna hit the earth i gotta make my wish list :x

LOL well whenever i see anything in the sky they say in the news and newspapers that something bad is gonna happen and death is coming soon :x

ooooooooo thats all 5ala9 la t5afoon mako shy have fun :P

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wierd star,,,

i don't know if anyone saw it yesterday night but i saw it and i found it kind of strange, there is this small star next to the moon and i think it means something,,, maybe it means we're all gonna die soon and the end of time is soon :P

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


ويه من زمان مو كاتب بالعربي :P فا قلت خل اغير شوي وعشان اقدر اعبر وافضفض عن مشكلتي اهئ اهئ اهئ
بما انه اليوم الخميس وبالخميس تكثر الافراح والعروس والاشياء الجميله هذي وانا نادراً ما انعزم حق العروس وهالخرابيط صدف انه بهل يوم انه معزومين على عرس وانا طلعت دشداشتي وجهزتها والغتره والاشياء الطيبه هذي كلها ومضبطها وجاهز حق كل شي وقبل الموعد بساعه قلت خل اتجهز وعشان انا ماعرف انسف الغتره خل اقعد اطقطق واشوف شيطلع وياي, وحاولت وحاولت وواقف جدام المنظره ويمي حاط صوره وانا مغتر لووول وقاعد احاول اسوي نفسها وبعد عناء ومحاولات بائت بالفشل ماطلعت بنتيجه لول جان اعصب واقط الغتره وكل شي وقتلهم ماني رايح :××
لول والله انقهرت :( مو متعود البس ويمكن بحياتي كلها مالبست الا مرتين او 3 مرات وعيال خالي مضبطيني بعد لوووول ماقول الا الله يعيني :P
انا اقول لازم احد يسوي موقع فيه تعليمي اسمه "كيف تنسف الغتره بشكل صحيح" او ينزلون يكتاب او برنامج بالتلفزون :P شي مفيد حق المثقفين الي مثلي الي مايعرفون ينسفون الغتره لوووول
وماقول الا من حبنا لها بنوفر لها :P

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

thought you were mine

ever got something and thought it was yours?
ohh it felt so good when they told me its was mine,,,
and i planned for everything,,,
our future together,,,
our life,,,
how we were gonna spent our time together,,,
i realized that it was nothing but a huge lie,,,
a lie for no good reason,,,
everything vanished,,,
i was alone with no one to lean on,,,
no one supported me when i was down,,,
they took everything,,,
and left me broken hearted,,,,
i used to smile when i see it,,,
smile when i hear something about it,,,
but now it's gone it's all gone,,,
they took it,,,
took it away from me,,,
they've taken all my chocolate :(
they told me it was for me :( it's goooneeee my little fat brother ate it and didn't left me anything :( ohhhhhhh i'm hurt,,,
my chocolate bag is empty,,,
wish i can see you again just one more time :(

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

back homeeeeeeee

ba3da 3ana2 m3a el emt7anat i'm home a5eeraaan :P after about 40 hours of non sleeping :P it was a rough trip back to kuwait i went ti my final exam without sleeping i don't know why but el7emdelelah it was a good one,,,

the exams were good i've never done anything better :D and i came back to kuwait 3 days ago ohh i missed kuwait,,, and i hope i get i good vication here m3 el `3baar oo elr6oobah :P

can't wait till i go every where and do everything i wanted to do :D

talk to ya'll later :P

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