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Monday, March 19, 2007

طريقه استخدام موقع peter answers

بما انه محد قدر يفهم الطريقه وانا ماعندي شغل فا قلت اقولكم بالعربي لعل وعسى يكون الشرح اوضح :××

تدخلون الموقع


في مستطيلين الاول التوسل الي اهوه

والثاني مال السؤال

والخدعه كلها موجوده بالمستطيل الاول اهاااااا راح تقولون شلوون؟ انا اقولكم شلون وشلون طريقه كتاب الجواب

لما تبون تكتبون البيتيشون وتكتبون جواب السؤال راح يبين بالمستطيل انه كأنكم قاعدين تكتبون البيتيشن الي اهوه
"Peter, please answer"

اول شي تحطون نقطه الي اهيه ---> .
وبعدين تكتبون الجواب
وبعدين تحطون النقطه مره ثانيه
واذا كان البيتشون مو كامل كملوه لأنه اي حرف تكتبونه راح يبين مثل ما اهوه وكملوه لي مايبين مكتوب
"Peter, please answer"
وبعدها حطو النقطتين الي فوق بعض ---> :

الي يمكم ماراح يشوف انتو شنو كاتبين لأنه بالمستطيل راح يوريكم البتيشن

وبعد ماتحطون النقطين فوق بعض : راح يوديكم حق مستطيل السؤال واكتب فيه السؤال الي تبيه وحطو علامه استفهام؟ وراح يطلع الجواب


كتبو بالمستطيل الاول
ومستطيل السؤال
where's abdulla from?

راح يطلع الجواب الكويت


الخدعه كامنه في انه انت تكوت عارف اجوبه الاسإله الي راح تسإلونها وتوهمون الشخص الي يمكم انه الموقع اهوه الي يجاوبكم

وحاولو وانتو تقرون تطبقون وراح تلاقون انه الموضوع سهل حدههه ^___^

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

ahhh tired

it's been about two months since i left egypt and the apartment is sooo dirty and dusty so we had to clean the floor and the rooms but ohh well at least now we can feel comfortable and clean ^__^ i feel tired but i can't sleep maybe cause i'm used to my bed in q8 :x it's 2:15 AM i think i'll read a book or watch some dvd's,,,
good night folks

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Friday, March 16, 2007

leaving kuwait today

ohhh today i'm leaving kuwait to egypt and i'll stay there for about 2 and a half month

ohh yeah i'll miss my family and kuwait :( feels sad

yaallaa ma3leeh i'll have some fun 3la el agal oo a`3ayer jaw :P

i'll blog from egypt mako fakaaaaaaa :P

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

want to play a scary/funny trick on someone? Peter Answers

first all you need for this trick is your victim sitting next to you,,,
ok now here's a site that claims that there is a ghost or a soul named "Peter" and it will answer all your questions, but it's just to trick your victim,,, ok now the site name is


once you open the site you'll see to empty places that you need to fill them up, there's the petition (wich you'll be entring the question's hiddin answer in it without your victim knowing that) and there's the question

so in the instructions it says "You can make the petition by writing either: Peter, please answer the following question: or Peter, please answer: in the petition space" but just ignore that you won't write any petition you'll write in there the answer and here's how you'll do it,,,

in the petition bar hit (dot) --> . then write you're answer and then (dot) --> . again and if your petition isn't complete you should complete it by writing "Peter, please answer" or if your answer is too big make it like this "Peter, please answer the following question" then hit the two dots --> :
and write the answer and in the end of the answer put a question mark,,,

so your petition will be the hiddin answer here's an example:
what you'll write in the petition: .stupid.
but it'll show you that you've writin: "Peter, p"
all you have to do is complete it to "Peter, please answer" the type :
then write the question like "what do my friends call me?" it'll show the answer is "stupid"

if you can't understand how it work (it's really easy) watch this video

How To Do Peteranswers.com - Funny home videos are a click away
have fun :D

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SONY: Now I Feel

Find the answers to the 6 challenges and stand a chance to win exclusive FEEL T-shirts and 2 Walkman players by SONY

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

some 5oosh quotes

لا تَأسَفَنَّ عَلَى غَدْرِ الزَمَانْ,,, لَطَالمَا رَقَصَتْ عَلَى جِثَـثِ الأُسُـــودُ كِـلابًــا
لا تَحْسَبَنَّ بِرَقْصِهَا تَعْـلُـو عَلَى أَسْيَادِهَا ,, فَـتَـضَـلُ الأُسُـودُ أُسُـوداً والكِلابُ كِلاباً


قُـلْ مَاشِئْتَ فِي مَسَـبَّـتِي فَسُـكُـوتِـي عَنْ اللَّـئِـيـمُ جَوابُ,,,مَا أَنَا عَادِمُ الجَوابُ,,,لَكِنْ مَا مِنْ أَسَدٌ يُجِـيـبُ الكِلابُ


الكَـلْـبُ كَـلْـبُ وَلَوْ طَوَقْـتَـهُ بِالذَهَبِ,,,والأَسَدُ أَسَدُ وَلَوْ شَابَ شَعْرُهُ




my new laptop

ahhh i've been looking for a new laptop in the past 2 days and finally i've found a good one with a good price :D i wanted a mac but i didn't save alot of money for a good mac, but what the hell i'll buy me a mac when i graduate from college :P


Intel 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
120 GB HDD
128 MB Intel VGA
15.4" WXGA
Windows Vista Capable


i didn't want to spend all of my money on a crappy laptop :P but ohh well i guess this one gonna do the job and there's nothing bad,,,yet :P

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ahmedi's Carnival 2007

i took this trip on the first day of Ahmedi's Carnival 2007 and it was really fun, alot of family's and people from kuwait and visitors from other countries were there but sadly my cam just broke so i had to use my phone's cam, oh well better than nothin, ok i'll show you some pic's:

this guy was warming up b4 the show begins

some rope move's

some pics of the The Scientific Center about the sea nature and saving sea creatures

fresh 9aaj, there was alot of restaurants there like pizza hut, chili's, kababji, Paul & alot more and you can always get your free coffee from the nescafe's man

singing with the camels :P

some dangerous women playing with fire

can't start a carnival without a clown, can you?!
our feets were there too :P jk
they gave me this 'BOOM BOOM" drink at the strong man contest hehehe it's for free
ok now the fireworks, i love fireworks :D

after that there was a motorcycle's show

i didn't take any good pictures of the bikes show cause they were fast and phone cam's suck!

and there was a small kids theatre & a climbing place and alot of stuff :D

i had alot of fun


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

happy birthday to me

well as from today i'm 20 years** old and i don't wanna grow up :( any one can help me with that?! any how hope this year will be a good year for me and every one who's birthday is the same day as mine :P i've seen alot of 20's people having fun i sure gotta have fun too :D
happy birthday to me

**i actually shed a tear cause of that

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Monday, March 05, 2007


since 11:30 AM more than 30 army air jet been flying around, they sound real loud even with my closed window i can't sleep even birds are flying around,,, plz i'm tired i wanna sleep! ohh wait now helicopters, whats next?! any one knows whats going on?!

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

moon eclipse pictures

i don't know when it started i wasn't looking at the clock hehehe i guess it's about 1 AM and the full eclipse was at 2:10 AM i've taken some pictures...




but watching the real thing was awesome i hope you all saw it

thats all folks ^__________^

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Friday, March 02, 2007

scary desert storm

after getting out from Al-Kout cinema at 2:30AM a scary weather was waiting for me i couldn't see any thing it was a desert storm and the sudden i was on the road i couldn't see the cars,,, a car about 50 meter away was invisible i was about to crush in it :x ohh yeah and now my hair is white hehhehe dusty hair

can you see the end of the street?!

buckle up, drive safe & good night

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Error in Hawali,,,bye bye illegal CDs

yesterday i went to hawali to buy me some Ps2 cd's at Al-re7ab when i was waiting for the green traffic light i noticed this

"error Windows Media Player"
windows ROCKS!! :P
i've read in yesterday's news paper that "if any shop sells illegal CD's the shop will be close for good" we've been hearing this forever and we didn't see anything,,, but yesterday i saw some shops clossed by "El-Baladia" i was kinda shocked that they really did something,,,i don't know if i'm happy for it or sad
can we live without illegal copied CD's? will you spend alot of money to buy an orginal Windows CD or an orginal Red Alert Cd!?
ahh thats sucks!

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