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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my new bad template

while editing my old template and trying new once instead of clicking "preview" i clicked "Save" : I've turned my blog to a grave yard, gotta find me something new :(

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

1500+ Prisoners Doing The Thriller Dance

I've seen this video on another blog it's something you can't believe without watching, when i saw it i was like "OMG THAT'S AWESOME" more than 1500+ Filipino prisoner dancing all together with a great preforming of MJ's - Thriller, this video was taken in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), i have no idea what are they doing or why lol I've searched youtube and found a lot of other dances of other song's like "queen - radio gaga" & i don't know the other lol,,, the amazing thing is that this video was uploaded on July 17, 2007 (12 days ago) and it's been viewed more than 2,310,000 times :D

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

UFOs spotted in UK

this picture was taken by one of the people who saw the UFOs

Although Air Traffic Control reported no unusual activity, some witnesses were convinced they were witnessing an extra-terrestrial spectacle, The strange episode started just after 10.30pm, when the lights were seen hovering slowly over the town before three of them formed a triangular shape with one positioned just to the right.
A few minutes later a fifth came into view travelling towards the others at breakneck speed before slowing down and stopping a short distance away...

read more about click here


ohhh i really like this stuff :D i wish i could see one and take pictures of it, that would really be cooooool :D i love UFOs

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tarsheed @ malls, did you mean,,,

any one saw any of the "Tarsheed" boys and girls at malls?

what do they do exactly?!

they help in any way?!

they take your home keys and turn off the unnesesary lights in your house?!

did they help decreasing the pressure?!

i don't think SO! all I've seen is some "Tarsheed" girls talking to boys and laughing and the opposite thing,,, I'm so sick and tired of this shit no offence to any one who works at "Tarsheed" you're only trying to make some money, or your just trying to meet girls but that OK i guess, this is so fucking embarrassing, do you think I'm doing what they say? hell no let them say what they want I'm living my life the way it should be, i don't say you should extravagant and let all the lights on and all that, but live they way life should be, i don't care if they're gonna cut the electricity cause they won't, the next thing you're gonna hear is "Migration" people are leaving Kuwait and i wonder why!! last year there was a shortage in water this year electricity next year there isn't any money we're broke,,, they only reason I'm not leaving all the lights on is cause of the electricity bill,,,

would you please tell me if the world's richest country can afford making people enjoy their life without being afraid of losing the electricity what would a poor country do?

i know ya'll people sick of seeing all this crap but this is getting out of our hands : all this talking won't do anything,,, let them "Yerashdoon",,,

maybe they did,,,,

PS: i hate talking about this things but i don't know maybe I'm just fed up lol

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

last time went together

i can't remember the last time all of my family and myself went to the cinema together,,, my mom's last movie in Kuwait was toy story in 1995 in salmiya which doesn't exist anymore , and dad's... he even can't remember when was the last time lol, they say we hate watching movie's in Kuwait cause of the annoying youth's making sound's and talking loud and commenting in the movie, well I've been in a lot of movie's and they don't do that anymore maybe that's old school lol, the movie (the Simpsons) was OK wasn't what i expect and my Lil bro couldn't stop laughing i don't know why hehehe

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the simpsons movie

I've been waiting for this movie for a long time oo a5eeraaaan, just booked tickets for me and my family for the Simpsons movie :D you'll get a free ticket if you buy a ticket now (only the first 500) and i got my free ticket haha, don't miss it and book now @ www.kncc.com


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Charles Chaplin movie

I've read and heard a lot in the news, blogs, etc about Charles Chaplin's movie's and that a lot of people are there and all the non-sense, so i decided to go there and spend some quality time with my Lil bro and sis since i like old movies and old stuff, so after i got lost cause i don't know where the place is a finally found it that's the plaaaaace

look like a dead place to me hehehe i didn't know where's the way in cause the door facing the street was closed so i said to myself maybe I'm in the wrong place but my sis told me maybe there's another way in, i went to the back of the building and there was only 3 cars i saw a women and the security standing there so i asked her

me: hello
her: hala
me: is this is the place where they show Charles Chaplin movie's?
(looks at me like i talked about her mom or something and responed with a bad tune)
her: yeah it's the place

so i said to my self "f**k you what was all that about?" any way this is the right place

each person i meet i ask for direction i couldn't believe i was that was the right place cause no one was there they served juice at the door and water hehehe at laaast i found the place but sadly there was only 15 person includes me and my Lil bro and sis (yeah i did count them) o most of them were old people lol, the movie was funny it was called "Modern Times" it was a funny movie, i don't blame people for not coming cause who would come to see a movie made in "1936" ? that movie was made 51 years before i was existed lol, gotta do it again tomorrow :P

for more info about Charles Chaplin click here
for more info about the movie Modern Times click here
ps: bad images = phone images

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

anyone tried jazeera airways?

hellloooo, i need help with something if anyone booked or tried jazeera airways website, cause I've booked tickets and they sent me a "Reservation Number" so i don't know whats the next step? should i go collect the tickets? or just go to the airport and give them the number? I'm really confused,,, help meeeee

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry potter

i hate harry potter's books, hate his movie, hate his name, hate everything related to him and i don't know what's the big deal with this sick character,,, :@

asking me why? it's a stupid movie about a magician kid in a stupid magic school, ask yourself why do you like it before asking me why i hate it,,, i can't find anything i like in this movie, its for kids who just watch any thing :@

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aljarida Newspaper

since they offer free subscription for 1 year and i like free stuff :P and we really don't have any newspaper we all use the net to read the news even the old man and his wife (mom & dad) do so (what a hi-tech family :P) i said to my self why not sign up? I'm not gonna lose anything, so 5 days ago I've sign up for the free subscription and after 2 days they call me to verify my address and today i received the first Aljarida newspaper, frankly i didn't like it YET cause i don't know maybe cause i used to read other newspaper or maybe cause this one talks a lot about politics and stuff I'm not interested in or maybe cause the last page in this one has sports news which i don't know anything about and I'm used to read others stuff,,,

but heeey look at the bright side it's free for 1 year :D i have my own newspaper and there are 2 things that will happen to this newspaper:

1-i like it and read it and tell people about it
2-use the papers to clean my car's window :D

things can't get any better hahaa, if you want your free 1 year subscription click here
my mom made me sign her friends and my big bro and sis to the newspaper lol 7ada egzarat mal moft :P

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

i'm on fire

yesterday my little brothers and my cousin insisted that i should go with them to the aqua park and i hate going there cause of my little brother he's annoying sooo after a lot of "plz come" "it's gonna be fun" and all that i said OK so we decided to go early in the morning cause no one will be there and it's not crowded,,, the bag is ready my sun block is on the table and let's hit the road, we got there at 10 am it was just opening. after a while the floor was hot at hell out feet got burned cause of the hit and about 12 pm the sun was sooo hot and the heat waves began to hit out bodies, i felt my shoulders are really hurting me and my face was all red and all my body but didn't care i was playing and arguing with my little bro, at 3 and half we left the park and i started to feel my body really hurting me and my face was all red and my nose too, when i got home i realized that the sun block was on the table and i didn't put anything on my body, took a fast shower then went to bed and every 10 minutes i wake up cause of the pain ahhhhh :(
tip of the day:
when you live in a place like Kuwait and the tempter goes up to 50° C don't get naked in the sun unless you use a sun block or you want to commit a suicide,,, thank you for reading :P

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Transformers (2007)

ooh god this movie is awesome it's reminds me of me when i was a kid wake up in the morning just to watch the transformers cartoon then go back to sleep lol, any way this movie contain a lot of action and violence so if you like action you gotta see it BUT if you don't like Sci-Fi movies (science fiction) and robots and all that i don't think you'll like this movie cause i know a lot of people who don't like this kind of movies,,, and the special effects were so damn good as if the robots were the real thing,,, what i like the most is the yellow camaro (Bumblebee) :P

here are the robots who appeared in the movie

Autobots (good guy's):
-Optimus Prime (Peterbilt truck)
-Bumblebee (Second/Fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro):
- Jazz (Pontiac Solstice)
-Ironhide (GMC Topkick pick-up truck)
-Ratchet (Search & Rescue Hummer H2)

Decepticons (bad guy's):
-Megatron (Cybertronian "jet")
-Starscream (F-22 Raptor)
-Barricade (Saleen-modified Ford Mustang police car)
-Frenzy (GPX 2-speaker CD player, mobile phone)
-Bonecrusher (Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle)
-Blackout (MH-53 Pave Low)
-Scorponok (mechanical scorpion)
-Devastator / Brawl (Modified M1A1 Abrams)

some of the robots voices were same the voices in the cartoon back in the 80's :D

for more info about the movie click here

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Friday, July 13, 2007

arabic version of peter answers

i guess we're done of stealing music videos looks, movies scripts, photographing idea's and shows and making them into Arabic stuff and changing their names and everybody knows what I'm talking about and a lot of people talked about it,,,, BUT now we all done with this and got to work on new thing's like,,, web site's :D i know Arabs ain't stupid and can make great thing's if they just put their mind into it but,,,

any way i don't want to talk about it any more,,, the site "maybe" made by a Lebanese guy or someone from "Belad El-sham" but i don't care 3ady it's just a website

the difference between them is that in this site he added two questions when you visit the site oo it has a lot of ads, oo that's all

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


اسم من ثلاثه احرف يحملك الى اي مكان اذا حذفت اوله يصبح عظيم الشان واذا حذفت اوسطه اصبح عدو الانسان واذا حذفت اخره اصبح غالي الاثمان واذا عكسته تكش منه الابدان؟!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bling bling style

as we know Kuwait is well known as a "Om el-Habbat" country and "Habba" means a stupid thing that get famous and everybody do it for a small period of time then everybody forgets about it, and now people started putting small crystals and write with them anything or mark the metal behind cars,,, i don't know who invented this nice thing, as far i know a pimp in the us came out with this idea ;P cause we all know pimps like blinging lol like this fellow over here lol ain't he cool or what?

any way if people in Kuwait keeps on doing "Fanatic" with the bling bling maybe they'll come out with something that might look like this car it looks great and expensive and cool :D that would really be something,,,

for more info about this bling bling car click here
oo for more info about the word "bling bling" click here

oo domtom salemeen :D

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Monday, July 09, 2007

the future,,,R50 mercedes

ok now this car looks completely lame lol and i didn't put the picture's cause it looks cute or anything,,, but each year we see a new prototype and when they start manufacturing we don't see anything even close to the prototype's :( what if we want a lame stupid looking car? :( where can we find one? :P


Sunday, July 08, 2007

the new 7 wonders

since most of the old 7 wonders had vanished, a new 7 wonders had elected by The New7Wonders organization and here they are:


too bad the egyptian pyramids aren't in the new list hehehe better luck in the next election after a million year ;P, for more info about the new 7 wonders visit:

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

big bro's car

since he bought his car last year and i wanted to drive it sooo baad i don't know why :x, when i bought a car two years ago and he wanted to use my car i didn't mind at all it's just a car la ra7at wala yat, and he used my car as his main car when i go to egypt every time oo kerafha men 8aaalb, so yesterday i was watching tv and bored as hell and he walks into the house with a hospital bag full of medicine:

bro: what are you doing?
me: planning to take over the world, why?
bro: what will you do after that?
me: kill myself
bro: before you kill yourself bring my car it's at my apartment (he just got married and ga3d y2atheth his apartment)
me: (can't believe what he just said)
then he threw the key at me and went to sleep

i couldn't believe it, i thought maybe he went crazy or something so i ran changed my clothes and told my cousin to take me there bsr3a b4 he change his mind, we got there in about 15 minutes and my cousing asked me if i know the way back home and i was like "yeah yeah just go"

but i really didn't know the way back i was planning to use the gps wich i didn't know how to use it hehehe so drove the car to the unkown ma adel shy shasawy? hehehe and i got lost in "janoob el-surra" then i went to "surra" then "jabriya" i knew the way back cause my grandma's house is there, i was driving really carefully i didn't want anything to happen to the car i don't wanna die i'm still young :P i was driving about 120 Km\h and there was a car driving really fast oo ana lama a7ad yetarekly ma awa5er adoos :P so i hit the gaas and didn't feel the same thing when i hit the gas on my car i feel like i'm stuck on the seat when i'm in my car lol but in this car i didn't feel the rush i looked at my speed and i was driving 200 Km/h i was shoched i didn't feel it so i went down to 100 Km/h and got home safe and didn't tell any one about my 200 story :P i gotta do it again sometimes >:D wehhehehehehe

ohh yeah and if you want to know what the car is it's Lexus GS430 and sorry 3ala elgarga elzayda :P

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Breach (2007)

i liked this movie although alot of people didn't like it and left the movie hehehe,,, they left cause it's not an ACTION movie, it's a thriller and suspense it's more like a quite movie, and it's based on a true story something like "Catch me if you can" but maybe that movie had something funny not like this movie...

"In February, 2001, Robert Hanssen, a senior agent with 25 years in the FBI, is arrested for spying. Jump back two months: Eric O'Neill, a computer specialist who wants to be made an agent is assigned to clerk for Hanssen and to write down everything Hanssen does. O'Neill's told it's an investigation of Hanssen's sexual habits. Within weeks, the crusty Hanssen, a devout Catholic, has warmed to O'Neill, who grows to respect Hanssen. O'Neill's wife resents Hanssen's intrusiveness; the personal and professional stakes get higher. How they catch Hanssen and why he spies become the film's story. Can O'Neill help catch red-handed "the worst spy in history" and hold onto his personal life?"

for more info about this movie check this site out


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Concert for diana

Concert for Diana was an event organised by Princes William and Harry to mark the 10th anniversary of their mother's death and to celebrate her life. The concert featured an array of live music performances from artists known to have been amongst the late Princess’s favourites.
The event happened on the evening of Sunday 1 July 2007, the day that would have been Diana's 46th birthday. It took place at the newly-built Wembley Stadium in London and was one of the first major events to be hosted in the venue. Proceeds from the concert will go to charities supported by the late Princess, and to charities of which Prince William and Prince Harry are Patrons.

More than 60,000 people joined Prince William and Prince Harry at Wembley Stadium on 1st July 2007 to celebrate the life of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales.Around 15million people from across the UK watched Concert for Diana at home, and it was broadcast to over 500million homes in 140 countries.At the end of the concert Prince William and Prince Harry said a huge thank you to everyone involved in making the evening such a success.

More than 20 artist joined the concert and all the artists performed for free, Proceeds from the concert will go to the charities supported by the late Princess, and to charities of which Prince William and Prince Harry are Patrons. These charities are:
Princess Diana’s Patronages and Memorial Fund

If you missed the concert click here and watch or listen online, the official site of the concert is www.concertfordiana.com

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ذبحتونا بالقطع المبرمج

ماصارت هالقطع المبرمج الي كل يوم طالعلين لنا بسالفه يديده وياه, قالو تستخدمون كهربا وايد وخففنا والحين يوم شافو انه وياهم ومانكرف الكهربا يقولون درجه الحراره؟ انا شعلي بدرجه الحراره؟ يعني اذا درجه الحراره وصلت 48 اكيد انا بموت من غير تكييف!! ولا يعني مايرتاحون لي مانموت ولا شسالفه؟ انا مو فاهم شنو المغزى من الموضوع, ليش مايسوون مولد مادري شسمه هذا مال الكهربا يديد وعشان لا يصير ضغط على الكهربا ويفكونه؟!
انا اقول لو يقطعون الكهربا كل يوم من الساعه 6 الصبح لي 6 المغرب وايد احسن يعني الواحد يستمتع بالجو الجميل والبراد والهوى الشمالي العدل هذا واذا استبرد يتمشى بالشمس عشان يتدفى احسن, شلنا بالكهربا والتكييف وعوار الراس؟
واقول لو يوزعون حبل مشنقه حق كل بيت بالكويت بدال الكتيبات الي يوزعونهم وكاتبين عليهم "باقي %3 على القطع المبرمج" وايد احسن يعني اذا الواحد صكت فيه الدنيا يشنق نفسه ويفتك ويفك العالم من شره احسن,,,

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Monday, July 02, 2007

7sain el-jasmy.... kuwaity?!

meta janesaw el-jasmi?! :x
source: www.mbc.net

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

love?!.... my ass

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