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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Q8HD: House of Saddam

House of Saddam - منزل صدام

A mini-series that explores the inner workings of Saddam Hussein's family and his relationship with his closest advisers.

سلسلة مصغرة تكشف الأعمال الداخلية لعائلة صدام حسين وعلاقته مع مستشاريه المقربين

Episode : 1
Play Time: 59:22

الحلقه الاولى

مده العرض: 59:22

Click Here to Watch

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Al Bairaq Mall... Opening soon

it hasn't been a long time since 360 mall was opened (i didn't visit yet) and now there's a new mall opening on 31\10\2009 called Al Bairaq which means a flag or banner is the name give to this project to revive Kuwaiti heritage and pride.

the mall's locations is in al Egaila you can check out it's location from this location map click here

the mall has three luxurious cinema halls as they say on their website and of course restaurants, cafes and shopping stores,,,

i find it a good thing opening some more malls so people can stop going to the same place at the same time and we can at least worry about shopping instead of thinking about the traffic and thousands of people in the same mall and not even half of them are there to shop. @_@

Al Bairaq's Official Website: http://www.al-bairaq.com

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pic: Pink Flower

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pic: White Flower

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

الـدائـرة الواحـدة «تنعـى» الـدوائـر الخــمس

«الداخلية والدفاع» وافقت عليها وأجلت اعتماد شكل التصويت

في قرارات اللحظة الأخيرة وقبل اعادة تشكيل لجان المجلس في دور الانعقاد المقبل انبرت لجنة «الداخلية والدفاع» في اتخاذ قرارات مهمة تتوافق مع المزاج العام للنواب على طريقة «تبرئة ذمة اعضاء اللجنة» قبل اعادة تشكيلها، فقد وافقت اللجنة من حيث المبدأ على مقترحات تعديل الدوائر الانتخابية من خمس إلى دائرة واحدة تحقيقا لمبدأ العدالة بين مناطق وشرائح المجتمع الكويتي وللحفاظ على وحدة ونسيج المجتمع من الفرقة والشقاق الذي يتمخض بعد الولوج في الدوائر الخمس التي عززت الطرح الفئوي في البلاد.

المصدر: جريدة الوطن

لو كانت المشكله بالدوائر جان انحلت من زمان بس المشكله بالنفوس ومنو يداويها

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's a baby boy

i'm an uncle,, again :P , my elder sister gave birth to a tiny baby boy and now he is about 18 hours old hehehe, now we'll see the jealousy of his 2 years old brother and how he's gonna deal with the situation.

this is his tiny feet with my big hand, say mashallah :x

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

waiting for a job

after a long 2 weeks of waking up in the morning and applying in banks and company's by hand and online now all i have to do is wait for someone to give me a call, i wake up early in the morning in case someone calls and check my e-mail and phone all the time just in case...

at noon i go to the gym and workout, i've start going to the gym 2 weeks ago to invest my leisure in something that might be good for me...

back home and i don't know what to do so i try to update my website...

recently I've started to have my dinner at 8 and download a movie for each night to watch when I'm having my dinner...

at 10:30 I'm in bed sleeping.

i should really find something new to do or someone should give me a call...

Get me out of my misery!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Looking for a job

finally after getting all my papers done now i have a mission a big step in my life and that mission is finding a job, i don't want a job in the government i'm looking for something else a bank or whatever.

anyways this morning i went out looking for a job but sadly i don't know the directions to any head office bank, so i just drove to where ever the streets will take me and after driving and getting lost i found one!! TAARAAAA i've asked about the HR they told me on which floor is it, got up there and found a lot of girls just talking i stood up like a stone i don't know who shall i talk to no one is here at the reception! then an indian woman came and i told her i'm looking for a job she told me to have a seat an i've waited and waited and waited i was kind of nervous its the first time i ever go to apply for a job,then a girl asked me if i want something!! so i told her I'm looking for a job, she told me to come to her office then she turned her computer screen toward me and showed me that i need to apply online and that they don't take applications by hand, i was like oh aha yes :x then i came back home i didn't go to any other place i don't want to get lost again.

so I'm just wondering, do all banks do the same? and i have to apply online? cause if it's so i don't want to drive to the middle of no where for nothing.

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